About us

Hi, we are Teja Töpfer and Benjamin Schroeter, the co-founders of UNITED.

Social Media. Programmatic Advertising. Artificial Intelligence. Marketing has changed rapidly over the last ten years. And we have experienced this transformation first hand.

In 2011, we founded Facelift, one of the first social media technology companies. We have since seen how social media has developed into a billion-Euro industry just within a decade. Today, no brand can thrive without investing in digital marketing - and investing big! But to make digital marketing controllable, scalable, and efficient, companies need intelligent software.

Christoph Bauer, CEO of Dumont, recognized this early on. One of the first in Europe to identify marketing technologies as a sustainable growth area, he decided that acquiring a majority stake in facelift, censhare, and upljft was the right thing to do for DuMont.

Since our first meeting with Christoph, we have shared a vision: to create a strong home for rising European MarTech companies. Why? Because uniting their strengths and accelerating their growth will also multiply the impact for all clients.

Now, after a decade at the helm of facelift, we have decided to realize this vision. To do so, we have founded a new company: UNITED Marketing Technologies by DuMont.


What is UNITED?

UNITED is a group of highly specialized, highly successful marketing technology companies. With Facelift, censhare, and Upljft, three established, fast-growing MarTech brands form the core of the group. In the future, UNITED will continue to grow organically and through acquisitions. 

With all our passion and creative enthusiasm, we support our companies on their way to market leadership - entrepreneurially, strategically, financially.

Uniting strengths. Accelerating growth. Shaping the future together: That's what UNITED stands for - with emphasis on the D for Dumont.  And we are excited about heading this adventure!

Teja & Benjamin

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Benjamin Schroeter



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